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Rad Venture

Venture forth and… do community service?!

Taking inspiration from 2000’s 3D platformers and Sh┼Źnen anime, Rad Venture is an edgy and stylized approach to the indie 3D platformer resurgence. Take control of Rad, an ex-magician’s apprentice, on his journey to finish his community service while exploring a huge and magical world.

A rebellious youth named Rad finds himself in a bind with the law and is ordered to capture a mysterious thief with the power to erase magic; the world’s life source. Rad is now tasked with tracking down the thief, collecting the powerful McGuffinite crystals, finishing his community service, and fighting the sinister Synergy Sisters.


Explore a variety of locations and settings on your way to completing your community service. Walk from one level to the next with no loading screens or use the Fast-Travel Teleporter Pads to get where you want instantly!


Utilize Rad’s move-set to the fullest as you chain together sprints, jumps, hovers, and grapples to help you traverse the world. Discover collectables, take on challenges, and unlock new abilities to help you on your adventure.


Take on the Synergy Sisters in challenging boss battles! Dodge and counter your way around attacks and look for openings to take down the dangerous duo!


Help support development by joining our Patreon! For just $1/ month, you get behind the scenes content about the development of Rad Venture, including concept art, screenshots, videos, and more!

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