Rad: Before the Adventure


Rad: Before the Adventure (A.K.A. Rad: Capstone) is our college capstone project for Ferris State University. This award winning game is the prequel to Rad.

Rad: Before the Adventure is a 3D-Platformer Collect-A-Thon game about exploration. You play as Rad, one cool dude, as he explores his home town, helps out his friends and other townsfolk, and complete challenges to unlock new abilities.

The game includes:

  • An open-world Hub to explore
  • 5 Challenge Levels
  • 7 unlockable abilities
  • 8 unlockable alternate costumes
  • 15 McGuffinites (Main collectible, obtained through exploration or NPC quests)
  • 500 Game Board Pieces
  • 6 incredible music tracks
  • Fully voiced cutscenes and character interactions
  • Pizza